About the Book

Ice Cream for Breakfast

ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST is historical fiction with gags. A fictional rendering of real-life events. A novel with a sense of humor. In the era of silent films, when women were not considered funny, MABEL NORMAND  broke barriers as Hollywood’s first female comedy superstar. The first woman to act, write and direct comedy films, the first to run her own Hollywood studio. An expert diver, swimmer, race driver, pilot, acrobat, pianist and pie thrower, Mabel is as funny off-screen as on. A newly-minted millionaire, she lavishes herself with furs and diamonds while her generous heart supports needy families. It’s the dawn of the Hollywood film industry, a scandalous time of reckless living, wild parties and “Madcap Mabel”  is in the thick of it. When social reformers begin a vicious crusade against the “barbaric” behavior of Hollywood, Mabel ends up the “patsy” in a murder she had nothing to do with. ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST gives “voice” to Mabel and her fellow silent clowns, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton and many others. Mabel Normand was once hailed as The Queen of Comedy. ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST launches her back to stardom.